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Polished Creative Studio

Polished Creative Studio is a graphic design firm with over 15 years under their belts. Polished came to me looking for a re-design of their out dated website. The new site will feature a modern design to match their all new logo.

Check back soon for the launch of Polished Creative Studio's all new website.





Magician Levi Sparkx

From day one, Levi Sparkx has carried a deck of cards on person. When performing on the streets it's live, thrilling and in your face magic. New York City, Ocean City New Jersey, York PA, and even the Dominican Republic are just the beginning of some locations Levi Sparkx has shared his magic.

This website was designed and developed with the audience of Levi Sparkx in mind. Easy to navigate with a simple color scheme.





Sparkx Entertainment

How many of your friends have unexposed talents? Now a days the entertainment industry is flooded with talented young artist uploading their videos to Facebook and YouTube. But what about the talent that is never seen? Sparkx Entertainment takes that unseen talent and works with the artist creating profiles and their type of art to expose them in the most positive ways.

Sparkx Entertainment is a responsive HTML5 site customized to the companies needs. Displaying latest artist, music, and videos from the team.





About Me

After high school I enrolled in the web design and interactive media program at the Art Institute of York Pennsylvania. Two and half years into my three year degree, I applied for and was excepted as an intern for Mark Kroh’s company Inizio Designs. Just months before I graduated in December of 2013, I was employed by WebTek, a company based in Ephrata PA. After leaving Webtek, I joined a group of talented people at Gavin Advertising in York, PA. My main passion in life is video. Whether it’s filming, editing, or directing it’s what I love to do! I have four different YouTube channels all with unique topics of interest.

Along the lines of YouTube, in my spare time I’m always entertaining. I myself have been performing magic and illusions on and off stages for over nine years. I am a huge people person. This helps in not only performing magic but also talking to potential clients throughout the entire scope of any project.Now a days social media is accessible at any given second. I believe it is extremely important to not only give your business or company a proper online presents via a website but social media as well. I’ve professionally developed graphics and content for multiple businesses and entrepreneurs.



Java Script & jQuery









Video Work

The 5th Annual Walk On Foundation Fashion Show

This video was one of the best we've ever filmed for my magic channel. We used several new techniques and equipment. We filmed using a Cannon 60D. As for other equipment a shoulder mount was used to give it an all around better look. Our Cannon was not equipped with auto-focus so through out production focus had to be pulled depending on the current situation.

Editing is where most of the effects came into play. Multiple effects were added to some clips. I used a stabilizer to smooth out some of the moving clips as well as ones that turned out to be more "shaky". I dropped the entire video's opacity to about 90% behind a white background to give a small washed out effect. On the less important clips I used speed effects to make them faster. And for a more dramatic effect on the important clips I slowed them down with the original audio track behind them.

The idea of Walk On Foundation began back in April of 2006 when Joshua Richard organized a band festival to help raise funds for those dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. This festival was called Walk On Fest 2006 and hosted a number of bands and vendors. The event went well, however Josh was left feeling there was more he could do to help on a more broad base. To learn more about the Walk on Foundation, click here!

Steve & Gina Nuttall's Wedding

I had the opportunity to attend Steve and Gina's wedding this past summer. The only camera I was able to take with me was my Cannon 60D. This video was mainly based on the visuals rather then the audio. The wedding took place on an old fashion farm with the decor to match.

I wanted to keep this video simple so there wasn't too much editing that took place. Much like my other videos, I used a washed out effect by lowering the opacity to 90% over a white background. The wedding, the bride, the groom, the venue were all beautiful, so I knew this video had to be to! The audio track for the video is a cover by Alex G. (famous on YouTube for her covers). Originally sung by Train.

Pennsylvania's Muddy Creek Gorge

The hidden treasures of every state have always fascinated me! This is one from my home state of Pennsylvania. The Muddy Creek Gorge is filled with adventure and beautiful scenery. The waterfalls and fast moving currents can be dangerous at times, but that doesn't stop anyone from sitting back and enjoying the view.

This video is unique. Unique in the way it was filmed and edited. It was filmed in 1080p using a Samsung Galaxy S5 (a smart phone). I did nothing fancy when editing it's all pure and raw footage. The audio track backing the video was downloaded via YouTube's audio collection.

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